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500 Series Preamps and Equalizers

*** PLEASE NOTE:  ONLY THE P-1 and the EM-PEQ are currently available - we are not currently offering any other 500 series modules! ***

The 500 series platform makes it possible to easily construct your own custom signal-processing array by combining a  variety of physically compatible electronics modules in all sorts of differently configured power supply mounting frames.  

It’s  an affordable and flexible way to incorporate state of the art and boutique devices into just about any studio, live or  broadcast environment.

A-Designs Audio creates durable and unique preamps for the 500 series as well as our "Pultech-style" equalizer.  Follow the links below the check them out.


500-Series Preamps


500-Series Pultech Equalizer


500-Series 3-Space 1U Rack


And be sure to check out our other 500-series stuff like the BAC-500 compressor and the Electrodyne Summing Station on our sister-company's website: Pete's Place Audio!!


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